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Maintenance Contracts

If you have a server or we provide one for you it is best that you let us maintain it. The following elements need to be maintained on a server:

  • Antivirus updates and monitoringMaintenance

  • Firewall updates and monitoring

  • Backup monitoring and test restores

  • Spam filter installation and updates

  • Spyware detection and removal

  • Monitoring disk space on workstations and servers

  • Monitoring hardware for signs of failure

  • Optimizing systems for maximum speed

  • Database monitoring and management

  • Exchange email monitoring and management

Why these things should be maintained:

Just like your car, if you don’t change the oil, replace the filter or tyres and perform other regular maintenance, your car will eventually break down and cost you FAR MORE to repair than the cost of the basic maintenance.

Your server is critical to your business, even one hour of downtime can cost your business a lot of money and wasted man hours.  We are regularly called in to repair servers that have not been maintained and can find that server security has been compromised.  This can lead to the following:

All your confidential data being exposed i.e. client details, accounts, company work files.

Your server being turned into a “Spam Box” where it is used maliciously to send out 1000's of unwanted junk email.  This in return results in your IP address and domain being black listed. Your server will slow down and your emails will not work properly.

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