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Terms and conditions

Only  the windows operating system  is covered in any of the support packages ( bronze, silver or gold) .  CCG has the right not to provide tutorial or support for 3rd party programs or custom peripherals, decided on a case by case basis.

CCG reserves the right to cancel any contract with immediate effect.

CCG does assume any responsibility  for loss of  data or downtime .  The user is responsible for data backup and integrity , CCG cloud backup should be viewed as an auxiliary backup.

CCG does not assume responsibility for any viruses or malware that may be contracted.  AVG cloud care antivirus cannot account for user error.

CCG has the right not to provide any tutorials in particular cases decided on a case by case basis, or where an issue of overuse or inexperienced user practice may arise.

CCG has the right not to provide any Maintenance and Support in particular cases where it appears that:

  • In the event the payment for any Systems or services past is due, CCG, at its discretion, may suspend the rights of the Licensee to receive the services for which payment past is due until full payment is made.
  • The Product is not associated with the system.
  • Damage has occurred to the System as a result of the Licensee’s negligent conduct or incorrect use of the System, for purposes that do not comply with the advice given by CCG.
  • Damage to the System has occurred, due to incompatible or malfunctioning hardware.


The content, extent and working methods of Support provided shall be decided, on the sole decision of CCG, on a case by case basis. In particular, CCG does not make any warranties as to the availability or delivery of any product, equipment or service required to correct errors as a part of the Support.


Company Address

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CCG Computer Solutions
227B Moira Road
BT28 2TP

Contact Details

Landline   02892 622 232

Mobile     07855 188 303

Email       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website  www.ccgsolutions.co.uk

Remote Support


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